We help organisations plan, design and implement
innovative solutions.


Digital Imperial serves as an innovative digital transformation solutions provider & consultancy in partnership with Microsoft to support organizations of all sizes around the world with their transformation envisioning & strategy activities, software licensing & equipment procurement requirements, deployment & implementation services.
We also train the people within different departmental functions on how to use the technologies implemented within their organization.

Full support to make the utilization and adoption of changes easier.

Transform your business with automation and data analytics.

Build a strong online presence for your business.

We provide a 24/7 service helpdesk to help you at any time.


Tom Davidson

Dynamic crm consultant


Lory Mc Eisley

Project manager


Sally Forrest

Business development manager


Fiona Endley

App designer


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Contact us: 044 25 40 40

Mail us: theqi21@qode.com